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  • What is tarsal spray?
    Every deer has a tarsal gland located under the dark patch of fur on the inside of their back legs. The liquid for the spray is taken from this gland.
  • How do I use the tarsal spray?
    You can use the tarsal spray in a number of ways. It works well as a cover scent when sprayed on the bottom of your boots. It's also useful in mock scrapes to attract bucks, or it can be sprayed on trees and on the ground around your stand to give the deer a sense of comfort when they enter your hunting area. Hunters have also had success using Ridge Hunter products on and around decoys.
  • How long will the scents last?
    The tarsal spray will remain good for use for six months to a year depending on conditions and where it is stored. Remember though, even if the smell doesn't seem as strong as it was when you first purchased the spray, deer have a 500 to 1000 times more acute sense of smell than humans, meaning they will be able to pick up the scent at much weaker stages than we can.
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