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Consulting & Management Services

If you want to elevate your whitetail hunting property to the next level, you've come to the right place! Our Ridge Hunter Team has over 80 years of combined whitetail hunting experience.
We offer professional consulting and management services from successful, experienced hunters. We'll take the time to gather all relevant information about you, your property, your deer, your expectations, and your resources, so we can tailor a strategy to fit your unique situation. 

We currently manage or have property plans in place for over 2,500 acres all over the Midwest, from Oklahoma to Kentucky.

Base Pricing

Management Services

  • Call or email for quote

  • Pricing is based off travel distance and fuel prices


Property Evaluations

  • Mapping ONLY - $100

  • 40 Acres or Less - $750

  • 41-80 Acres - $950

  • 81-120 Acres - $1250

  • 121-160 Acres - $1500

  • 161-180 Acres - $1750

  • 181-200 Acres - $2000

  • 200 Acres or More - $2500+

  • 100 Acres or Less - $500

  • 101-250 Acres - $750

  • 250 Acres or more - $1000

Our Process

  • Initial Contact​

The first part of the process is the initial contact. After you've reached out to us and expressed your interest in our services, we will contact you by email to quote you a price and set up a time to talk on the phone. 

During this first conversation, we will get an understanding of you, your property, your goals and your resources. We will also set up a date for a site visit to your property.

  • Mapping and Strategizing

Once we have the information from our initial conversation, we will start to come up with a plan for your property. Before our site visit, we will map out your property and discuss the different strategic options you may have. 


  • Site Visit

The next step is to come out to your property and see it for ourselves. During this visit, we will scout the property and discuss the strategies which we previously mapped. We will take pictures and notes, make necessary alterations to the plans, and make final decisions based your input and what we see.

  • Final Plans​

After our site visit, we will sit down with our notes, pictures and maps to put together a final file with your personalized property development plan. This file will include a map marking locations of anything we've discussed, any relevant pictures we've taken and a point-by-point plan for your property.

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